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Bank Financing

How does the Bank Financing work?

Currently, we collaborate with BIBD and BIBD AT-Tamwil to provide additional online services to our valued customer which you could spread your payment monthly and debited directly from your bank. To proceed in your order online, Please refer to How To Order section for more information.

How long does it takes for the Bank Financing to be approved?

Usually it takes 2 - 3 working days, but it varies from customer to customer as it depends on customer bank record with the relevant bank. BIBD AT-Tamwil do provide 1 day approval which requires the customer to personally submit the application.

What is the maximum number of years applicable for Bank Financing?

BIBD At-Tamwil provides up to 5 years except for Mobile Phones upto 2 years only.

What are the requirements to be eligible for Bank Financing?

You will be required to have an account with the particular bank and your salary be credited to that bank.

Can students be eligible for Bank Financing?

Yes, currently Bank Financing facilities does apply to students which are eligible only for laptop, computer, printer, scanner and tablet such as iPad.

If working in Private Sectors, am I eligible for Bank Financing?

Yes, Private sectors are also eligible to apply for Bank Financing but depending on your company credentials with the particular Bank that you are applying loan from. Higher chances are given to government sectors.

What is required of me if I selected Bank Financing as the payment option?

If your bank is BIBD, you will be required to bring along a photocopy of your Identification Card and your latest Salary Slip, you will be required to proceed to our Customer Service Center to collect your quotation and you will be required to submit to the bank personally for the loan application.

Do i have to go to the bank first for the bank financing approval?

You will be required to proceed to our Customer Service Center after you have made an order online. A quotation for your Bank Financing items will be produce to you for verification and signatory. You are then liable to submit the quotation with its necessary documents to the bank.

What should I do if my Bank Financing is approved?

You will be required to bring in the original Approval Letter for the particular bank to our Customer Service Center so that we could release the items you have ordered. Items not in stock usually takes 5 - 7 days to arrive subject to shipment schedules.

Will I still be eligble for Bank Financing if I am using BIBD Al-Wadiah?

Yes, you are still eligible for application for Bank Financing using BIBD Al-Wadiah Scheme.

What is the minimum value required to be eligble for Bank Financing?

The minimum value to be eligible for Bank Loan is B$500.00.

Can I order more than 1 product for Bank Financing?

Yes, you can order as many products as you wish.

Is the value stated at the bank financing details fixed price?

Yes, the value stated at the bank financing detail is fixed and will reflect on your quotation. It is also a sample indication of the monthly payment to the bank. Please note that the value indicated are excluding bank interest since different bank have different minimal bank interest.

Is there any charges to my order if my Bank Financing is not approved?

No, there will not be any charges if your Bank Financing has been declined. Note that there will be a minimal service charge by 365eStore | QQeStore for this payment method. For more information, please contact us before placing your order.

Will I be able to cancel my Bank Financing once submitted?

Yes, you are still able to cancel your financing which you will be required to pay a minimum cancellation fees of B$50.00 subject to the individual bank's requirement.

How do I check the progress of Bank Financing?

You can check the progress of your order by logging in, using your user name and password, and check your order history from your account page. This will show your order number and the order status. You can also follow up with the Bank providing your personal information and your Identification Card Number.

What if I cannot find the answer to my question here?

Answers to the most common questions should appear here - but if your question is not addressed please do not hesitate to contact us.

(*QQeStore - Brunei's Largest Online Shopping Network and Linknet Solutions Sdn Bhd has the rights to alter the above policy and information without prior notice. Please contact us if you have any questions before proceeding with your order.)