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Nissin Speedlite Di466 Digital Flash

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A Convenient Tool for Digital SLR Cameras

  • Own TTL Value
  • Quick and Silent
  • Every Opportunity
  • Compatibility
  • The Macro Arm Light is your portable lighting system, letting you add precise accents to your close-up photography. Snapped into your camera's Accessory Port, the Macro Arm Light has two 17cm-long, flexible LED lights that you can adjust independently of each other to shed light where you need it. Image shows the MAL-1 attached to the E-PL2.

    Clip it, point and shoot. This cutting-edge photographic technology for AF and TTL auto exposure systems never fails to deliver the desired result. A beautiful picture is automatically obtained.
    Di466 enables more convenient operation and superior outcomes.

    The flash produces the same color as sunlight. It also proves very helpful for daylight photography. Eliminate the shade under trees.
    Use fill-in lighting to sharpen the subject. Address catchlight in the eyes, and stop motion. Emphasize the lighting contrast..

    Di466 responds to Canon's E-TTL, E-TTL II system, and Nikon's i-TTL system. Those new digital TTL flash systems control the flash light with greater precision and stability.

    The TTL flash power level is pre-set for reasonable exposure at factory. You can, however, reset the power at the desired exposure level, in +-3/4Ev. by 1/4Ev increments. The preset value is memorized as your personal standard after switching the unit off. This unique system for customizing your level settings, called MY TTL, is a feature exclusive to Nissin.
    The usual TTL flash level compensation works based on this customized level.

    The power of the flash can be controlled with TTL flash level compensation.
    Whereas total exposure is controlled by the camera's EV compensation function, the flash can compensate for the exposure on the main subject only, with little impact on the exposure of the background scene.
    The flash power level can be adjusted from -1.5EV through +1.5EV by 0.5EV steps.

    The wireless remote flash system of Di466 works for either analogue (single flash) and digital (pre-flash) flash systems. Variable power in six steps is available.
    Place the Di466 off the camera and the flash synchronizes with the master flash placed on your camera. This wireless remote flash system is called slave flash technology and is often used for a creative lighting efficiency.
    Use the camera's built-in flash, the manufacturer's original flash, or Di466 as the master flash. Place one or more Di466 flash units away from the camera.
    Off-camera flash photography offers a different lighting configuration.
    Use multiple Di466 flash units to achieve professional flash techniques.

    Usable Camera CANON digital camera, NIKON digital camera
    Guide Number 33 /109 at 105mm focal length (ISO 100m/ft)
    Variable Power 6 levels : Full -1/2 -1/4 - 1/8 - 1/16 - 1/32 powers
    Flash exposure control [for Canon] E-TTL and E-TTL II
    [for Nikon] i-TTL
    Power source 4 X LR6(AA) or equivalent Mi-MH, lithium, oxyride batteries
    Recycling Time 0.2 - 4.5 sec., by fresh alkaline batteries
    0.2 - 3.8 sec., by Ni-MH batteries
    Energy saving system 5 minutes to stand-by mode, 30 minutes to shut down
    Number of flashes 200 - 1500 flashes by fresh alkaline batteries
    Illumination angle Digital lens : 18mm (15mm with wide angle diffuser)
    Zooming reflector to - 18 - 24 - 35 - 47 - 57 - 70mm
    Traditional lens 28mm (20mm with wide angle diffuser)
    to - 28 - 35 - 50 - 70 - 85 - 105mm
    Turning head Flash head up to 0 degrees - 90 degrees with click-stops at 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 75 degrees, 90 degrees
    Slave mode

    Slave 1 for digital pre-flash system
    Slave 2 for traditional single flash system
    Power level - same as variable power above

    AF Assist light Orange LED for distance of 0.7 to 6 meter.
    Color temperature 5,600K (same as daylight)
    Flash duration 1/800sec. to 1/20,000sec.
    Camera contact Hotshoe only (not compatible with the traditional hotshoe system)
    Accessories included Shoe stand, Pouch
    Dimensions 67(W) x 105(H) x 95(D) mm / 2.6(W) x 4.1(H) x 3.7(D) inches
    Weight 240g (without battery) / 8.4oz

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