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Wacom Intuos4 - Large

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Over the last two decades, Wacom has revolutionized creative industries with pen tablet technology that makes it possible to digitally simulate traditional creative processes. By working digitally, creative professionals are not only more efficient and productive, but are also exploring the horizons of creativity. The wealth of new and improved features in Intuos4 is the result of years of research, customer feedback and collaboration with major software partners such as Adobe, Autodesk and Corel coming together to create a design of form and function, more stable and better performing pen technology, and a workflow that maximizes efficiency. In this section we will take a close look at exactly how the Intuos4's features benefit artists.

Tip Sensor
Intuos4 technology is built upon a new Wacom Tip Sensor technology that allows the Intuos4 to achieve a feather-light starting pressure. The Intuos4 pen now is activated and begins producing marks on your software's canvas at the lightest touch, simulating the immediacy of the touch of pens, pencils, brushes and other artist utensils. Via the driver control panel, you can adjust the sensitivity of the pen by altering either the pressure curve to simulate a softer or harder tip or the click threshold to change the starting activation pressure (minimum 1 gram)!

The new Wacom Tip Sensor also incorporates intensive research into what makes a pen easier to use. The distribution of the pressure curve has been adjusted to simulate a more natural feel, and the 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity provides greater stability in controlling pressure-dependent variables on artist brushes (brush size, opacity, etc.). The new Tip Sensor has also allowed us to double the responsiveness of the pen by reducing the time it takes to activate maximum pressure.

Tilt sensitivity
We know that artists often tilt pencils, brush, and other utensils to achieve different effects on traditional media, so together with software partners, we have also built tilt sensitivity into our Intuos pen. The pen will be able to tell the direction and the angle at which it is tilting up to 60 degrees from the vertical allowing you take advantage of brushes in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and other applications supporting this feature.

Tablet resolution
5080 lines per inch of resolution in the tablet translates into smooth, detailed lines on your screen.

The Intuos4 ambidextrous design puts all the ExpressKeys and the Touch Ring on the side of your non-dominant hand so that you can have your most frequently used shortcuts and other convenient functions at your fingertips.

ExpressKey Displays - Never forget
We wanted to make sure that you know exactly what you have assigned to each key, so we included OLED ExpressKey Displays with Intuos4 Medium, Large and X-Large. Even when setting different shortcuts or functions to the ExpressKeys depending on the application (using application-specific profiles), the displays will ensure you always know what has been assigned. Take full advantage of this, and you'll find yourself working faster by reducing dependency on your keyboard.

Touch Ring - Toggle between four functions
Our software partners, building canvas rotation into their products, insisted that we make the Intuos3 Touch Strip a Touch Ring instead. We went further by placing a toggle button in the middle giving the Touch Ring four different settings. Zoom, scroll, rotate your canvas in certain software, or customize to adjust brush size, opacity, etc.

Customizable side switches
The two side switches (the pen buttons) on the Intuos4 Pen is customizable to a number of different functions including: Click, double click, right click, etc.; Keystrokes, Modifier Keys such as CTRL, SHIFT, ALT; Radial Menu; Back, Forward, Pan/Scroll; Show Desktop, Switch Applications, Open/Run an application; Pressure hold, Precision Mode, Pen/Mouse Mode Toggle, Eraser, Show ExpressKey Settings, and more.

Intuos4 Pen Grips
The Standard Grip is made of durable rubber for easy gripping and is designed with a tapered end that enhances the downward pressure of your hand as you hold it. This allows you to hold the pen lightly without force preventing fatigue after prolonged use. Included with all Intuos4 pen tablets, the Thick-bodied Grip was designed for those who prefer a larger size and who choose not to use the sideswitches (pen buttons).

Intuos4 Pen Nibs
The Intuos Pen now comes with comes with four different nibs which, in combination with the tablet surface, simulate the feeling of using different traditional art tools.

The Standard Nib's hard plastic against the surface simulates a pencil on paper feel
The Felt Nib provides more friction simulating the use of a felt tip pen or the use of rough canvas-like paper The Stroke Nib is built with a spring for the softer touch of brushes The new Elastomer Nib is made of material that gives the pen a soft, rubbery feel

Intuos4 Pen Stand
The Pen Stand allowing you to rest the Intuos4 Pen vertically or horizontally, has also been completely redesigned. Twist the top off to reveal a storage compartment holding the nib remover as well as spare nibs: 5 Standard Nibs, 3 Hard Felt Nibs, 1 Stroke Nib, and 1 Flex Nib. Never lose your spare nibs again.

Color Rings
Also included with your Intuos4 are color rings that you can use to color the tip of your pen.
Technology EMR (Electro magnetic resonance)
Physical Size
(W x D x H)
474 x 320 x 14 mm
Tablet Weight 1.8 kg
Active area (W x D) 325.1 x 203.2 mm
Surface Sheet 8
ExpressKey Displays 2 (one beside each set of four Express Keys)
ExpressKey Display Resolution 64 x 128 dots
Touch Ring 1 Touch Ring with 4 settings switchable via Toggle Button
Tablet Pressure Levels 2,048 levels
Tablet Resolution 200 lpmm (5080 lpi)
Accuracy (Pen) +/-0.25 mm
Accuracy (Lens Cursor) +/-0.15 mm
Tilt Sensitivity (all pens) +/-60 degrees
Reading Height (Pen) 10 mm
Report rate 200 pps (points per second)
Interface USB

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