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GadgetPlus AirVita Carvita IIS Air Ionizers

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Available for BIBD AT-Tamwil and Baiduri
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CARVITA IIS Air Vitamine

By Inheriting the good qualities of existing Carvita, this new Carvita is designed to go well with interiors of most new cars when inserting it into an electric outlet of a vehicle. The design of new Carvita will new match well with the interior of your new car without alienated feeling.

Health Improvement Function
It keeps the spirit awake by protecting the modern disease and enhancing the human body activation. The harmful cation is neutralized and removed with creation of Air Vita. It protects from modern diseases such as VDT syndrome and new house syndrome and performs the function of enhancing the activity of human body by intaking affluent Air Vita.

Air Purification Function
It changes the contaminated air into clean and fresh air. It maintains the air in clean and fresh condition because it removes the dust and pollen by neutralization and precipitation not only various harmful substances such as the cigarette smoke, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide which are contained in the air.

Odor Removing Function
It changes the contaminated air into clean and fresh air. The Air Vita which neutralized the odor smeared into the air completely and removes the smelling by chemical oxidation degrading with negative ion effect on the cigarette smoke, food smelling and unpleasant smelling from the toilet and provides the pleasant indoor environment.

Antibacterial Function
It removes various virus pathogens and bacteria from air. It is more effective in the less ventilated environment of contamination, pets and carpet because it sterilizes and inhibits the germ and bacteria such as growth of various viruses, staphylococci, tick fungus those deliver disease with floating into the air.

Where Air Vitas is essential
  • Bedroom or living room exposed to pathogenic bacteria
  • Restroom of various odor or fungus parasitic
  • Narrow and closed karaoke or drinking bar
  • Office suffered from chronic headache from electromagnetic wave
  • Children's room and study room requiring the concentration
  • Kitchen for inhibiting the bacteria growth and cleanness
  • Restaurant suffered from odor from food or bad smelling
  • Home and animal hospitals where there are pets

  • Product Name Carvita II S
    Model Name CAV - II S
    Type  Plasma Discharging Type (No filter)
    Dimension 90 x 95 x 103.5mm
    Weight 70g
    Input Voltage DC 12V
    Electricity Consumption  0.6W
    Color  Orange, White, Dark Gray

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