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Snapball Cooling for Notebook

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Pocketsize Speedball provides notebook unlimited freestyle movement on desktop and greatly reduces heat build up by creating a cooling gap under the notebook. With speedball installed, notebook user can stretch forward, lean backward, or sit upright ergonomically to work at the work desk. Speedball is coated with high performance non-scratch non-resistance metallic coating to match any notebook shape and size.

Matching colors
Postworx releases the latest matching pocketsize speedball to match any notebook. The colors available are silver, white and gun metal. Speedball is a metallic coated product when used under notebook increases mobility on desktop. Its high performance coating is non-scratch and power slides on any desktop with little or no resistance.

Protect Underneath
Keeps notebook bottom dry from wet surfaces and indirect liquid spills. Also keeps clean bottom off greasy desktop surface at dining tables and rough uneven surface at outdoor benches.

The power slide capability allows notebook user to keep their notebook at a desktop corner to create front desktop writing space. Notebook user can now truly take the most comfortable sitting position whether leaning back, stretch forward, or just sitting upright. User can also share their screen information easily by twirling the notebook towards another person in a group discussion. Speedball organizes your desktop and make presentation easy. (Not recommended for use on airplane small food tray).

Ergonomic Product
Its ergonomically inclined keyboard keeps the underside of the notebook dry and clean during a lunch meeting and provides the maximum finger grip handling during transportation. The increase in height at the back of the notebook increases air circulation under the notebook which prevents hotspot catalyst effect on desktop. Aided by the occasional sliding movement of the notebook, its operating temperature can experiences a drop in temperature by as much as 12 degree Celsius.

For any notebook
Each piece weights 15g and two pieces are needed under the back end corners of the notebook. They are attach under the notebook by snapping on and snap off for reattachment another time. Each piece is hemisphere in shape to avoid orientation problem during attachment and to create an effective ergonomic wrist angle when used on any notebook shapes and sizes.

Prevent Shock
Speedball is made of high tension material that prevents shock to notebook when it is placed from desktop to desktop 10 times a day or 3,000 times a year. The shock displacement prevents accelerated deterioration to the electronic and mechanical components of the notebook.

When the speedball is removed, they can be snap together into a tiny ball and slip into a shirt pocket. Or if you prefer, leave them still attached under the notebook and then place the notebook inside a carrying case. Speedball can even be used under docking station. Imagine removing the speedball from under the notebook and then transferring them to under the docking station for mobility.

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